BAMA - Beit Hamechanech Hayehudi - Home to the Jewish Educator.


We are an institution of educational services, established and operating on the basis of common policy guidelines between the Jewish Agency and local-based Jewish organizations.

Our mission is to continually improve educational quality with the purpose of enhancing Jewish identity, community participation and commitment to Medinat Israel.

We do so by means of creating educational resources and forums for the formation, training and counseling of educators, future teachers, and learners in the Jewish-Argentine community, collaborating with the institutions of other countries which may be willing to profit from doing so.



Over the past two decades, the Argentine Jewish community has suffered the tumultuous effects of a multi-faceted setback. Security and financial shocks weakened the ability of local leadership to cope with and overcome the growing challenges faced by the Argentine Jewish community. Consequences on education and Jewish Schools were devastating.

In 2001, BAMA opened as a local project for the local educational community, devoted to schools, non-formal education and all Educators, acting as a response to a deepening crisis.

BAMA, the Center for Jewish Educators in Buenos Aires, has provided the educational resources, planning and consulting services once offered by the community's central education agency.

BAMA was founded in May 2001 with the generous support and assistance of the UJA-Federation of New York and JAFI.

From its very beginning, BAMA has been the core entity that prepares and applies programs focused on the sustainability of the Jewish identity and the relationship with the State of Israel.


Management Board

  • President: Dr. Pablo G. Laufer
  • Vice-president: Sr. Adrián Pérez 
  • Lic. Claudio F. Manaker
  • Lic. Ariel Lifac

Professional Staff

Estela Kalinsky

Leticia Barán
Sara Bloch
Batia Dorfsman
Estela Kalinsky
Esther Malbergier
Karina Korob
Elisa León
Valeria Levin
Verónica Kovacic 





Educational Projects and Programs


Melamed and Agnon

Melamed is the teachers’ training college for primary-level morim in the Judaic Area, providing knowledge about Hebrew language, Jewish history, literature and the Bible.
Agnon is the teachers’ training college for kindergarten gananot and promotes the building-up and strengthening of the Jewish-Argentine education in a very important stage of life: the kindergarten.
Both projects are initiatives of Moetzet Hajinuj Beargentina.



Mirkam is a training program on Judaic Contents for the educators working in the non-formal and supplementary areas in the provinces of Argentina. The program combines two training formats: virtual and onsite. Besides, it offers the opportunity for the rise of new young leaders in communities where there is no other Jewish educational offering for the strengthening of Jewish Life in those communities.
Mirkam is developed within the framework of an agreement between AMIA and the Jewish Agency and is supported by Keren Pincus.



The purpose of this project is to strengthen education quality in the area of Judaic Studies by creating a content tree (with both new and already existing materials) which may enrich the Judaic curricula. Based on an original approach including multimedia developments, the project offers a map of the contents generated in the Jewish Schools Network.
This project is developed within the framework of an agreement between AMIA and the Jewish Agency and is supported by Keren Pincus.


Morei Morim Lehoraat Hashoá

The goal of the Morei Morim Lehoraat HaShoá program is to train and coach a team of educators, from both the formal and non-formal education areas, of Argentina and South America, so that they can become «Morei Morim» in the teaching of the Shoah, within the community institutions of the participating countries.

This project is developed by BAMA, Yad Vashem and The Jewish Agency, and is sponsored by Claims Conference.



Masbirim is a program created by BAMA to study the Shoah and Nazism. The program is directed to Bogrim, Madrijim and students who are specifically selected for this event and who also participate in Jewish institutions.
The program is sponsored by Claims Conference.



Maaian is BAMA’s non-formal education area. Different programs allow for providing Judeo-Zionist educational spaces devoted to train, coach, support and advice educators throughout the country, including
Madrichim School (a space devoted to train future madrichim of Tnuot Noar), Ulpan of Rikudei Am (a space devoted to coach future morim of Israeli dances), Ulpan of Shirá (a space devoted to coach current and future morim of Jewish music area), and Maof (a space devoted to train future mejanjim and youth coordinators).



Jewish-Argentine Culture Cycle opened to the public in general. It provides a valuable space for reflection, dialogue, debate and culture building.


The Meeting of Latin American Jewish Educators. Its purpose is to contribute to the professionalization of teachers and professors as regards the development of the skills required to perform their activity.
The workshops are conducted by specialists with a well-known background in the educational field in general and the Jewish education in particular. This meeting is held twice a year and around 500-600 educators attend it.



The aim is to serve organizations and educators of the Jewish-Zionist educational field through the preparation and production of teaching material and graphic and multimedia resources, and to provide advisory services about their selection and implementation. The addressees are morim from all levels and madrichim.


Jodesh Israel

It is an educational proposal whereby students under the Jewish Schools Network can get in contact with different aspects of Israel and its history. Activities are coordinated by the shlijim from the Jewish Agency.


E-mail: comunicacion@bama.org.ar



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